Wu Yi Tea

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Wu Yi Tea

There're usually two reasons why people are looking for wu-yi tea. One of them is of course to know about a new variety of tea and another one, and more problematic is to find out a new way on how to lose weight.

So, What Is Wu-yi Tea?

Wu yi tea is a variety of oolong tea that is grown in the Wuyi Mountains located in the Fujian Province of the north-western part of China. It was first produced in the 15th century in this place. Wu Yi tea is also known as "wulong." The different spellings result from the various ways the Chinese language can be written using the "Roman" alphabet. The Chinese pronunciation of this tea sounds like "oo long." There is nothing special about these varieties of tea except for the fact that they will give you a truly unique flavor! It is important to point out that all tea provides similar benefits, whether it be weight loss or not, so do not expect to achieve anything that noticeable by drinking some of these hyped wu-yi products.

Wu Yi tea has recently come into the spotlight as a weight loss drink. And it also was promoted as a "magic diet aid" that will shed extra pounds effortlessly. We all know the "Apple a day keeps the doctor away" saying. Nowadays when it comes to weight loss, you may even hear "A cup of wu-yi tea a day keeps the fat away!" It's rather funny but in order to make such a conclusion we should find out a little bit more information about Wu-yi Tea.

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